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About Me

I’m a creative leader with over fifteen years’ experience helping large organizations design great customer experiences while building the back-of-house capabilities and processes to deliver them.

I have deep experience leading multidisciplinary teams through agile processes and working with leaders across organizational silos to balance customer desirability, technical feasibility, and business viability. I love making sense of messy, ambiguous problems. I’m happiest when I can roll up my sleeves and deliver solutions that are both inspired and practical.

In my personal life, I enjoy travelling to far-flung, exotic places. I’m not afraid of roughing it, and on two occasions have spent my holidays driving a 7hp, 3-wheeled vehicle across South Asia, during monsoon season. I paint and draw regularly. I love food and cooking, and am on a quest to perfect seafood paella, cataplana, and the ever-popular Canadian butter tart. I love fitness too! Outdoors, I enjoy cycling and snowboarding. In non-pandemic times, the gym is my “third place”; I’m a studio fitness fanatic and a certified Les Mills BodyPump instructor.

I built this site as a supplement to my LinkedIn profile. It’s a place where you can get to know a little bit more about me; my work, and my interests. 

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