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Applying a Service Design Approach for Customer Centricity

Everyone knows the fundamentals of customer centricity; you talk to your customers, strive to build a consistent experience across touchpoints, and work in agile sprints to launch new solutions, sooner. However, there are some key areas where how you approach these fundamentals really matters.

Driving excellence in customer-centricity ultimately requires more than great talent, teams, and toolsets (though these things are undoubtedly important!) To deliver seamless, customer-first experiences, organizations need to recognize how their broader organizational logic - the norms, assumptions, processes, and ways of working that allow people to put solutions out into the world - might sometimes be getting in their customers' way.

I've spent more than a decade of my career applying the discipline of service design to help companies across North America transform their organizations and deliver great customer experiences. And so, I decided to build this presentation; a distillation of reflections, best practices, and traps to avoid, gleaned from years working 'in the trenches.' In this 90-minute format, I explore how a service design approach can help product teams better meet their customers' needs, delivering practical tips on making small-but-impactful shifts in the organization's logic. I have delivered this presentation to audiences that include leaders and senior practitioners representing business, product, UX, and engineering. Key discussion areas include:

  1. Where, how, and to what ends to listen to your customers

  2. How to integrate customer insights into your product (and why job hierarchy is important)

  3. How to get real value from journey maps

  4. How to measure the impact of the work

  5. How to approach the big picture transformation journey

I keep this presentation evergreen with the generous feedback and perspectives of my peers and connections who are also working in the service and product design space. If you're keen on taking a closer look, please reach out as I'm happy to share my thoughts and hope to hear from your experience too!

Below: A selection of slides from the presentation, Service Design for Customer Centricity: Transforming Organizational Logic for Better Customer Experience


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